When creating work, be it for myself or for others, I believe in establishing a strong connection with the visuals and what the imagery communicates. So, while deciding on specific colors and shapes, I always make sure to ask myself "who is this for and what are they trying to say?"

My latest work focuses on using digital mediums, mainly Adobe softwares, to make bold and clean designs. For the past few years, I've become drawn to typography especially, having a blast designing my own typefaces and making my own nonprofit stickers. My professional work includes commissioned lettering for local businesses to print material used for marketing, and I look forward to applying my skills to a greater extent for other organizations. 

With my mixed media pieces, I want to construct a world that is funky, colorful, and full of textures. Viewers are welcomed to follow pink mountains that are made from scrap fabric and patterned pine trees that line glittery streams. My hand is heavy on the sparkles and embellishments, making my pieces much more dynamic if seen in person.  

While I work with many outlets, I look forward to keep expressing my ideas with a wider range of tools and clients. Currently, I expand on these existing themes by creating pieces that involve greater interaction with the viewers, in order to create pieces that speak to a larger population.